Discover the Story of Homenestry:
Origins and Mission

In the heart of a picturesque region, where lush forests stretch across the horizon, our story began. Our company, Pur Sp. z o.o., celebrates its 26th anniversary and proudly presents the brand HOMENESTRY, which originates from the charming region of Warmia and Masuria in our country, saturating our homes with the richness of nature and artisanal traditions.

At HOMENESTRY, we place special emphasis on a sustainable approach to production. We exclusively utilize sources that are environmentally friendly, ensuring the preservation of ecosystem balance. Every stage of production is in our hands – from raw wood to the creation of unique and beautiful furniture that finds its place in homes worldwide. Our products not only blend tradition with modernity but also bring warmth, comfort, and style to our customers’ homes.

In our daily practices, we adhere to the principle of zero waste. We maximize the use of natural resources through a closed-loop recycling system and resource management to minimize waste. We are proud that our brand’s furniture is manufactured in Europe using European materials.

Join our story and explore the world of HOMENESTRY, where tradition, passion and sustainable development come together harmoniously. Discover our collections, which are an expression of our love for nature and craftsmanship. With HOMENESTRY, every piece of your home can tell a unique story.